About Us

Our Story

Bengal Meat started its journey as the country’s first international standard abattoir in 2006. Since its inception, the brand’s vision has been to be a safe source of healthy protein for a healthier Bangladesh. 

Under the guidance of Australian master butcher and animal husbandry experts, Bengal Meat has developed expertise in areas like export standard livestock rearing, to creating a world class abattoir. Bengal Meat has relentlessly built on the expertise and machineries their processing plant and process. All these have brought a complete change in the outlook if the meat industry – in terms of safety, hygiene and variety of choices; much to the surprise of local consumers and hospitality industry. 

Bengal Meat aims to provide the safest and most hygienic 360-degree protein solution for the country. It is trying to establish the right practice of slaughter and processing meat at a temperature-controlled environment rather than outdoor animal slaughtering. This primary safety standard encourages intact nutrition from source, which dilutes from standard in outdoor temperatures and affect the quality if meat too. 

Our product portfolio includes processed meat and further processed meat of beef, mutton, chicken, other birds and fish. Bengal Meat is country’s only company with best practice intervention at every step of value chain i.e. Fodder cultivation, Animal Farming, Contract Farming, Modern Abattoir, Meat processing facility, Seamless Cold Chain based distribution and retailing with strong Quality management and GMP framework. It is certified as ISO 22000:2018 and also first Jakim, Malaysia affiliated company in the country and has become synonym for “Safe Meat”. 

Bengal Meat from the very beginning has been positively impacting the local as well as the international market. As a company Bengal Meat believes in small steps that result in better impact as their key drivers. 

Bengal Meat has own time reinvested and revisited their business model taking into consideration even shifting trends of consumer behaviour. Thus, considering the latest shift towards online shopping and the customers need for convenience, Bengal Meat is adding a new dimension to their business. By creating an online shop, side by side their brick and mortar models, Bengal Meat aims to make the brand more accessible to existing and potential new customers. 

This dynamic change has fuelled Bengal Meat’s inspiration to take quality protein to every corner of the country and grow as a healthier fragment to the world. 

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