2. Order Related

Order Related

1. How do I place my order? 

First you will need to surf through our product list. Then you will click add to cart button of your chosen products. After that, you will have to click the cart icon. After confirming all the details, you’ll have to click “Proceed to Checkout” in the cart. It will take them to checkout page. Same after confirming all the details, they’ll click “Proceed to Pay” to go the payment gateway section. This is the whole process of placing an order. 

2. How can I track my order?

You can check their order status by going to the “My Orders” section from your account. You can also check your order through the order tracking link which will be sent in the order confirmation email.  

3. Can I ship to multiple addresses at the same time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to multiple addresses at the same time right now. After the previous order has been delivered, we recommend placing a new order. 

4. Can I place an order via Facebook? 

Unfortunately, no. You can order through our website and mobile app only. 

5. I’m unable to apply a coupon code to my order. 

Coupon codes are not applicable on discounted products unless specified otherwise. However, if your cart also has products that aren’t on discount and qualify for a promotional offer, you’ll be able to apply the coupon code. 

6. I’m able to apply the coupon code but the discount percentage is not getting applied to my entire cart. 

Discount percentages are valid on products which qualify for the offer and will get applied only to the amount corresponding to the sum of these products. 

7. Will I be able to order more than one of the same items? 

Yes, you will be able to order more than one of the same items. Simply change the numerical value in your shopping cart to your desired quantity. 

8. How can I cancel my order? 

Once you have submitted your order, you cannot cancel it. If you have any issues with the product on time of delivery, please contact our support center at 09678-444-555. Then they will take you to the next procedures. 

9. I haven’t received my order confirmation email. 

Your order confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address linked to your Bengal Meat Account immediately upon placing your order. If you do not receive it, please check the junk or spam folder in your email client. If you still cannot locate the confirmation, you may log into your Bengal Meat Account and select “My Orders” to view all of your orders. If the order you placed does not appear, the order was not successfully confirmed. You may also write to us at 

10. Why are the items in my shopping cart no longer available? 

Items will continue to appear in your cart until you’ve removed them or checked out. Make sure you are logged in to your Bengal Meat Account.  

11. I would like to see my previous orders. 

Please select your name at the upper right corner of the screen. Then select “Profile” and then select “My Orders” to see all your previous orders 

12. Can I pick up my order from your nearest outlet? 

Yes of course. Make sure you select “Pick-up from store” when you are in the checkout page. 

13. I have not received my order. Who do I contact? 

Wait for our lead time, which is 2 hours. If your order doesn’t arrive within 2 hours please contact out support center at 09678-444-555 

14. I received an incomplete order. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please contact our team at 09678-444-555. We’ll address your issue immediately. 

15. I want to place a bulk order. 

Yes, we do take bulk orders. Send us a mail to contact@bengalmeat.com or contact us at 09678-444-555 and please specify the product(s), quantity, date and time. 

16. Can I apply multiple coupons on a single order? 

No, you cannot add different coupons on a single order. Only one offer is applicable for a single order.